Public Screenings in Victoria, Australia: The Replas Environmental Centre (REC) during the National Recycling Week (12-18 Nov)

Replas will be screening ‘Closing the Loop’ during National Recycling Week at The Replas Environmental Centre (REC), one of the largest plastic recycling centres in the southern hemisphere. A visit to the REC offers an innovative and interactive learning experience and offers visitors an opportunity to discover some of the answers to the problems faced by our planet.

The viewing will be held in the Replas ‘Bag Cave’ with seating on our very own recycled plastic furniture.

See first hand a Circular Economy:

Nov 12th – 16th : TWO SCREENINGS PER DAY (Documentary Length: 1 hour 33 minutes)

3:00pm – 4:45pm

5:30pm – 7:15pm

For further information, please contact us at:

PHONE: 03 9770 8390

EMAIL: Replas – Recycled Plastic

With tours through the showroom and hands on viewing of reycled plastic products, you don’t want to miss this exclusive showing.

Public Film Screening: Adelaide, Australia: Unmaking Waste 2018 International Conference

Screening at the Unmaking Waste 2018 International Conference & Exhibition

Adelaide, Australia

September 21, 2018

Hosted by the China-Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development at the University of South Australia, Unmaking Waste 2018 Conference & Exhibition focuses on the problem of unsustainable consumption, and its role in increasing emissions, resource depletion and environmental degradation within the following main themes: Eco-Design and Development, Sustainable Consumption, Waste Minimization and the Circular Economy.

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Public Screening: AUSTRALIA, Bendigo

Public Screening, Closing the Loop
Hosted by: Bendigo Sustainability Group
Bendigo, Australia
July 1, 2018

Film: Closing the Loop: A Documentary Film About the Circular Economy Revolution

“Unless we go to Circular it’s game over for the planet; it’s game over for society”. These are the opening words of Closing the Loop, the world’s first feature-length documentary film on the circular economy.

Going “circular” refers to the necessary change from our current take-make-waste linear economy to a borrow-use-return circular economy (sometimes also referred to as the zero-waste or cradle-to-cradle economy).

Come along and learn more about the Circular Economy. Why not bring a friend?

Members free. Guests $5

Venue: Old Church on the Hill

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